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Rhonda :-)

Keep watching that video.........your views are working!!

CMT will add the video to Medium Rotation on Monday!!


YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! Great job RAGERS!!!! (And Rhonda too )

We can't stop now.....VOTE VOTE VOTE AND VIEW VIEW VIEW!!!!!
Mary C.

Great news!!!

Gary Kennedy
Hooray for us.....well, okay, maybe we should share the glory with the amazing RHONDA VINCENT!  
The video will soon be in heavy rotation, but I guess they gotta start somewhere.
It might be medium now, but there's no doubt that it was extra well done!!!!! 
Don A

Still can't watch the video from the CMT site ......... but ........ the good news is ....... we can still vote.    We are now able to watch it on youtube, many times over.    Keep on VOTING everyone. 

Tom Alman
Way to go Rhonda! We knew you could do it. Ragin is such fun. You get to help the best Queen in Bluegrass! Keep up the great work gang!!!

Annie Koenig
Hi Rhonda and Herb
I've never done this sort of thing before, but 've been voting and viewing
off and on all afternoon.
It REALLY IS A GREAT video! Rhonda, you looked super!

lets hope we make this number 1  everybody keep voting lets show the world we love Rhonda @the Rage. and that bluegrass is one of the best in the world

Charlie K

Would it be stupid to ask, what does medium rotation mean? Once a day? Once a week??? Once an hour would be okay with me!!! 

The Ol' Dawg

Was there any doubt ?  


I am like Charlie K.  What does medium mean?  Will it play on CMT televised show on a regular basis?  Whatever, it is great to see you get the recognition you deserve!


WAY TO GO RAGERS!! Keep up the good work

I don't know may plays equal  Medium rotation.

I'm just THRILLED they have added it to their playlist.

I know it was your response to the video that has moved it into this slot.

Keep up the great work...and THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!


Annie Koenig......That sounds like my Knucklehead buddies wife. Thanks for voting, and welcome to the message board. I'm sure the Ragers will make you quite welcome, and if they need any ammo, they can holler at me.

BTW....there was a couples, alternate shot, elimination golf tournament held this past weekend. It humbles me to tell you that Annie single handedly beat me and my partner out of first place. She was unconscience. She made shots that were unbelievable. I bet $10 on my team to win, and $5 to place and show. I lost!!!!! The place bet, didn't even cover my entry fee. You know what happens to 2nd place horses....

Congrats to Annie...you and your partner played great....you better look out next year. I'm not accustomed to 2nd place.

OK....sick her Ragers.
Don A
Herb,  maybe she could sign up for your workshop this July at Sally Mountain, "Herb's school on how to be a wife."  If I remember right, I believe it's usually a 2 week course on discipline, obedience, and of course, the 3-K's ..... Kookin', Kleanin', and Kids. 
As you say, "It's all about how to make a man happy."

Welcome to the MB, Annie Koenig.  It's always good to have a sense of humor.   

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