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Uncle Pen in PA
With the Getttysburg Festival coming next week, those of you who know the recent history will be happy to hear that 2 inches of rain are expected tomorrow!!!
Luckily the forecast gets better after that!
Uncle Pen's Friend

We will be loading the animals two by two tomorrow!!!  

Hmmmmmm......Gettysburg week coming up and its raining??? Good to see that Poppop is going to be there!!!

just got tickets. will see you all fri. pray for sunshine!!!!!  amy, hopefully your parents are there. i will bring an orange cake.

Uncle Pen's Friend

My parents won't be there this time.   My mom needs bi-lateral knee replacements and doesn't feel up to the "terrain" of Gettysburg.   Her surgery is schedule for June 2nd.    We are hoping that they will make it to the August festival.  

Uncle Pen's Friend
Row, Row, Row your camper, gently down the stream.   Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, Merrily camping such a dream (in the pouring rain.)

Yes the Gettysburg (Adams Co.) is under a flood warning!!!!!..   

I'm so looking forward to setting up camp in the rain today!!!!!!!!!!!!
We just got around to buying our tickets last night.  Going to get my rain gear packed because I know I'll probably need it.  Some of the best shows that Bob and I have been to have been in the pouring rain at Gettysburg.  Look forward to seeing all our Rager friends.

Wish I could go too, but my sister from South Dakota is coming in so I won't be able to go!! Bummer!!!  Have fun y'all!!

i'm so sorry to hear they won't be there. maybe you can take a piece to them. my son just had knee surgery on wed. doin fine.
hopefully we won't need any rain gear after this week. but it sure does feel like gburg weather. but we will certainly make the best of what God gives us.
Gary Kennedy
My rainsuit is all packed.  It just wouldn't be Gettysburg if it didn't rain.  It seems like it was only yesterday that I was sitting in the rain listening to Abraham Lincoln.  Which reminds me, don't forget to vote for

Julia, Are you trying to tell me something?
Tom Alman
Hey Ed! I think she is saying that it would not be the same without you and the rain LOL! Hope you all have a great time!!!

Now Ed.....would I say something about you???
Ed, at least she's not blaming me.
Uncle Pen's Friend
There is one of those wooded Ark playsets at the campground in Gettysburg.  By the time I get back there tonight I think the animals are going to be lined up 2 by 2 to escape the rain waters we've gotten.  

Yes it is still raining here. 
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