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Banjo Gal
Hello to everyone on the message board! This is the first time I have written anything on the message board, and just thought of a question I have been wondering about for some time. Is Rhonda Vincent a born again believer? Is she sure that when she dies she is going to heaven? I hope it does'nt offend anybody.......I'm not here to cause any trouble, seriously, I was just wondering!

david odom

Honey..All I know is that Rhonda is a genuine good person. I would be honered to celebrate in heaven with her and all the believers that are going to the " Last Best Place" someday. There is going to be a homecoming some morning in that bright place so get ready and be there!! Actually, I think that the celebration has already started. "I believe" that you must already know the answer to that question anyway "by the mark" of the inspiration that cannot be concealed in it. Anyway, my personal feeling is that some people will receive a crown and many special rewards from the seeds that have been sewn into the field in the hopes that those seeds will find and grow in a  good place. I can tell you that Rhonda is an inspiration to many people as are many others that are in the public eye. This past year, my dear mother passed from this life and some of the songs that this group has performed were there for me as comfort. What a wonderful hope for tomorrow and a great celebration as we speak.

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