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     Have been sick for over 5 days....missed 2 days of school (I'm a teacher)
Went to dr. , diagnosis:  bronchitis, coughing fits that make me feel like I am riding a bucking bronco...Doctor's remedy.....3 day antibiotic, but am still barking. (cough, cough)  Any remedies out there?  I've been trying to get rest, very tired, but must teach tomorrow....concert in less than a week.....Dr. did NOT suggest shotz in buttox  ...what is a bluegrass gal to do?  Dr. Herb, are you out there?  Any "herb" al medicine ideas to cure me?  

                                                          Thanks for listening,
Yes, the good Doctor is in today.

I would suggest Mucinex DM for the cough. It will also loosen congestion. Take 2 in the morning, and 2 in the evening with a full glass of water. Sounds like you're already on an antibiotic. If it gets worse, go have them give you a rocepherin shot in the buttox...once a day for 4 days. Good stuff....will cure most anything.
The Ol' Dawg

And, what it dudn't cure, it KILLS !!!  

Mike B

I second Herb's suggestion about Mucinex DM and/or Mucinex D.  Both are OTC, but you have to ask for them from the pharmacist.  Good stuff!

John S
Pam ...
I have a terrible time with bronchitis and get the crud at least two times a year. Last year on one of our trips to the Amish country in Ohio I thought I was going to drop over dead and was seriously considering the hospital, but anyhoo ...
Before trying the hospital I stopped at a pharmacy and bought Thayer's Slippery Elm Lozenges and those things have been my medicine of choice ... bar none. I take the antibiotics for the infection, but for that barking, painfully miserable cough Thayer's is the only thing that helps.
Hope you can find them!

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