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Now since Rhonda, hit the house with the suv will Herb  be teaching a drivers ed class next?

Mike Garlock

    Bring your Helmet!  Keep your Insurance Paid in Full!  Mike G.
LOL Mr. Garlock....Of course Kim. I have many classes I teach. Driving is just 1 of them. Yogi attended my class prior to driving the MWBE. Many things he learned in this class he has already put to good use. ie...crossing the median to get to the other side of the interstate. This is the quickest, and most entertaining way to change directions. Passing slower moving vehicles on a dbl yellow line is humorous also. (that's 1 of Rhonda's favorites) And of course just for Mr. Garlock...going the wrong way on an exit ramp...meeting 1 of Florida's finest...and talking your way out of a ticket...(This is done by pleading ignorance, and stating you're a hillbilly from Missouri) is at the top of the list.
My classes are always entertaining, and useful.

BTW... I got my PHD (post hole digger) from Herb Sr. It's been handed down through the years.
Charlie K

If you're holding classes  at Sally Mountain, I'll sign up. Bein' from California, I don't know much about that NASCAR style driving!!!

Don A

My wife once hit a deer at a high rate of speed , the only problem  ........... it was in the zoo.

Herb, you might want to consider doing what I did, buying the perfect 2nd car ................. a tow truck.

I think you can sign "you know who" up for both classes at Sally Mountain.

Mike Garlock
Hi Doctor Herb,

    It's sure nice to see that Honesty and Integrity are Sandker Family Traditions.  Have a great weekend, I canceled this Weekends trip to Gettysburg.  I would have liked to see Gary, Sandy, Brenda and Lil Bit, but
Uncle Penn & Friend can't seem to get a handle on the PA weather yet.  I'm going to take my chances on the August Show.  Hit them straight!  Mike G.
The Ol' Dawg

Hey, Herb - If Yogi hits a deer in the Martha White Bluegrass Express at 70 MPH, is it considered "fast food" ?   

Don A
Hey, Herb - If Yogi hits a deer in the Martha White Bluegrass Express at 70 MPH, is it considered "fast food" ?   

  I believe if that happened, the deer would already be grilled (most tender at the point of impact), and to have that real homey feel, we could paint a yellow line down the center of the dining room table and eat off of hub caps.

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