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What an incredible evening here in Calgary Alberta Canada.

And with a Canadian Icon, "Ian Tyson".  He is truly a gentlemen.
His entire team is first class.

I had a great time performing with Ian Tyson and his band Gordy & Gordy, along with John Hiatt. 

We sang 3 songs together, The Water Is Wide, Some Day Soon, and Four Strong Winds.  Broadcast is scheduled to show on the Canadian Bravo network.

Four Strongs Winds is my new favorite song. I'm thinkin' I will need to record it.

It has been declared Canada's most popular song.

And it's a good one.  Special thanks to everyone here in Calgary for your incredible hospitality.    And we can highly recommend "Hotel Arts" if you plan to stay here.

Lots of photos to post when I return!!!

I hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful week.  See you in Ashland, KY on Thursday, and at Wolftrap on the weekend, or on the radio with Garrison Keillor and  "A Prairie Home Companion"!  


PLEASE tell me one of those photos you took was of that cute hockey playing waiter at the restaurant the other night...I had a flight out to Calgary this morning, but I got stuck in traffic and missed it. hehehe



Dear Rhonda Vincent,

I am very glad to hear that you enjoyed your ICE (Incredible Canadian Experience).  Have a safe trip home and good luck transporting all of that extra luggage.  Thanks again for a wonderful week in Branson, Amelia, and Gettysburg.  Hope to see you soon1

Gary L Kennedy

P.S.  Don't forget to vote for yourself!
Glad you had a great time in Canada!

See you in Ashland, KY!!
Tom Alman
Glad you had a great time, Rhonda! We can't wait to see all the new dresses!!!


Rhonda, I am glad you had a GREAT time.   


Tony Rice singing 'Four Strong Winds' is one of my favorites. Would be amazing if you were to sing it with him sitting in on guitar.(sure wish that he could still sing)


Isn't Ian Tyson one of the coolest guys you ever worked with? I have seen and met with him on several occasions and I just love him.  "Cowboy Pride" is one of my hands-down alltime favorite songs...

Of course, John Hiatt is no slouch in the singer-songwriter department either!
Sounds like you had a great time.

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