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Charles Flanary
Good morning Rhonda & Herb,Sally & Tensel,Johnny & Carolyn,Kenny & Kaye,Mickey & Crystal,Darrell & Amanda,Hunter,Yogi & Barbara,Julia & Richard,Lib,Louise,Kathy,Shay,Courtney,Bec,Vicki,Carmen,Debra,Debbie,!debbie,Mary C.,Susan Hypes,Susan Ross,Terri Trent,Chris J.,Robin,Amy,Carol Laferty,Carol Cox,Brenda DuBuc,Dianne Collins,Deana,Mike Gilmer,Mike Garlock,Mike B.,Mike Lebo & friend Amy,Ed,Edward,the other Ed,Tom,Charlie K.,Gary K.,Jim Clifford,Bud & Fran,Ron & Jean,Joe & Lynn,Jeff & Leannette,Earl & Sheri,Harley & Rose,Tim & Christina,Bob Allred & Marj,Jim & Jane Hughs,Steve & Faith Harris and all the ones I forgot.Have a great Memorial weekend and drive safely if on the road.See you soon.
  Charles{Head of Rageland Security}
Tom Alman
Good morning to you Charles and to all the Ragers out there!!!


See you at Sally Mt Charles!!!


Good Morning Charles , Susan, TM and to ALL the Ragers'' on this beautiful day.

Tom Alman
Hi there Louise and Sassy! Hope yo0u are having a great day! I'm having my Doctor proscribed One Dew a day as we speak LOL!!!

Tom Alman
Oh! I didn't tell the Doc it was going to be a 32 ouncer!

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