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Mark Morrison

Jenny posted this on Facebook this morning:

Tristen is taking little baby steps toward recovery. His blood gases are looking great and they have turned the machine down some. Doctor said he should be off ventilator by Monday if all keeps progressing. Also said its harder to keep him sedated which means he is getting more energy! He has started peeing and coughing up secretion on his own that's great too. So its looking a little bit better. I'm finding it a little easier to breathe myself with all this good news. Just sitting here with him and making sure he gets to hear his music playlist on my phone that he is use to hearing during feeding time and keeping these nurses and doctors on their toes. Making sure they are aware of how special this one is
Mark Morrison
Thanks for the update, Julia.  Prayers continue to go out for speedy recovery for Tristen and rest and reassurance for Jenny and Stan.

Mark, Paula and Paityn
Thank you all.  I know that Jenny and Stan appreciate everyone's prayers.
Please keep posting we appreciate it!
Jenny posted this on Facebook this morning:

Id like to ask everyone to remember the little baby in the room beside us when you pray as well. He has RSV too only he isn't as bad as Tristen and he isn't sedated so he just cries and cries. It breaks my heart to hear that little guy. 

Tristen hasn't had much change in the last 36 hours. No better but no worse. I'm looking for improvement today though.

You are all in our thoughts and prayers!

Please continue to keep little Tristen in your prayers.  Jenny posted today that he's a little worse today, so we need all the prayers we can get for the sweet little boy.
LOTS & LOTS of prayers for Tristen from the Adams Family!!!
Mary C.
Julia, thank you for keeping us updated. Prayers continuing to be said.
Mark Morrison

Prayers continue to go your way!!!

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