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Ben Hughes
Hello hello, Ragers!
Dad is flying solo up in the studios tonight without me, but I figured I'd do him a favor and post up a reminder that our show is tonight!

Bradford Street Bluegrass!!
WOMR 92.1 FM - http://www.womr.org

We'll see YOU there!

Jim Hughes
Thanks Ben!!!!!

I miss you doing the show with me.  See ya at home later!


Hey Ragers!   Hope you can tune in tonight.  As far as I can tell the vidoe feed is okay and the chat room is up and running.....


I'm sorry I couldn't make it in tonight guys... I just never realized how late it was. It's all my fault and I hope you can forgive me. I'm a failure at life. BUT I'll make it up to you next week... I promise

I did make it in time to hear the last two songs though, does that count for anything?!

Jim Hughes
Okay, okay...    All is forgiven Miss Sami.    Just don't let it happen again!!!! lol    Well, 2 songs are better than none at all and, the last one was a pretty good one too...

See ya next week at 5pm EST.


Uncle Pen's Friend

Thanks for playing Steep Canyon Rangers and the Dailey & Vincent songs for me.    I'll try to remember to tune in the next time too.    It's always great when there is a Ben Reminder posted.

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