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Jane H
 I emailed a few local,New England, festivals and asked if they would PLEASE book RV+R in the future seasons. I was so happy that Lake Champlain responded and made me aware that RV is booked for 8/2009.They didnt give exact dates,its usually the 1st w/e in August.This is a gorgeous area of the country..The Garlocks and Adams area I think,no too far a ride for us either. Already planning it....Thanks Herb
Here's the location:
Located in the north west corner of Vermont on US Route 2 in Alburg, Vermont, we are approximately 1-½ miles from New York State and less than 1 mile from Canada! The site is located on the north side of Route 2, approximately 1 ½ miles east of the Alburg, VT/Rouses Point, NY Bridge.
Mike Garlock
Hi Jane,

    We went last year when Rhonda played there.  Couldn't talk Herby into going with us, he flew home.  Then I figured out be booked them in the Upper Part of Michigan (I think they have a GOOD Football Team) and he was not the most Loved Booking Agent on Planet Earth.  It's a real nice Festival.  Lots of great Vendors along with great Food.  Brenda has 3 Sister's and a Brother living within an Hour of the Festival.  I get an Official Outlaw Visit in and a RV & R Show at the same time.  We will see you there.  Mike G.
Gary Lee Kennedy
Mike Garlock, you have got to get to some more RHONDA VINCENT and the RAGE concerts before you completely lose touch with reality.  I'm not sure what good football team you're referring to, but it's probably the Delaware Blue Hens, since they wear the same silly hats as that other school from that state you mentioned.  Your confusion is understandable, though, since both teams took it on the chinstrap last year at the hands of the three-time national champion Appalachian State Mountaineers.

It's still a hundred days until the ball is on the tee and I'm already getting fired up.  This could require a letter to Dear Herby.
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