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Rhonda, You're The Best!!!!
Have a Beautiful Day! (I Love You)
Wake Up Louise  Have a Great Day!
Good Afternoon William!!

Hello Tom and Louise.  How are you?
Mike B

Tom Alman
Hi all! Lib, I'm doin just fine. Thanks for asking. I hope everything is going well down there. Have you gone back home lately, to see friends? Hope you are able to get out and about to meet some new friends. Just make sure to check in and see how we are doing, once in a while. Take care. Louise should be around here somewhere. I would ask here for a Dew, but I already had my quota today LOL!!!

Tom, it is wonderful to hear that you are doing well.  Things are going good down here.  I am learning ALOT---my job is alot harder than I thought it would be and I am also doing alot of cross training because I am hoping to become an Adminstration Manager in 2009, that is my personal goal anyways.  I have been blessed to have a wonderful roommate who has introduced me to alot of her friends and they ask about me whenever I can't make it out--guess I shouldn't work so much so I wouldn't be as tired  

I am planning a trip home in 8 days!  I have it all planned out, Branson June 1-3 and then my best friend is driving me to my parents house to suprise them!  They have no idea that I am coming to town...I am getting so excited.
Please pray that I have safe travels!

I could use some Dew today...I normally drink dt. dew but I am trying to cut soda out of my life...but it is so hard to do!
Tom Alman
You are gonna have safe travels! I know that for Sure. What a great surpprise for your parents! Keep workin hard on that job. You will go far!!!

I Hope You Have a Fantastic Evening Rhonda!!! (Love You)
Louise...Let Me Hear From You Please! Take Care!
Hello Lib!  Glad You are Fine there in San Antonio!
I bet it is getting hot there already! It is hot and humid
here in Tyler also!  Take Care!
Hi William....I spent the day with my Sis..and we picked strawberries.
I have a strawberry cobbler in the oven now and it sure is smelling good. Hope you've had a nice day . We've had a hot one here..up to 85 today....guess summers here.
Hi TM! how are you dew...ing? Hi Lib...glad all is going well for you and I will be praying for your safety on your trip home.
Hi Mike ...hope your day was good.....good evening Ragers' .
 Have a nice Friday Evening.
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