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Yes, Robin, there's even a few of the picnic.

Rockin' Robin
Thanks Harry!!
Uncle Pen's Friend

I just thoroughly enjoy when I get my picture taken with my mouth full.   UGH

Uncle Pen's Friend

I think in August we should take a RAGER Group PICTURE!!!!!!

Kim from MO

Great pictures, thanks for sharing Harry!


they are nice pics. i agree with amy, we deffinately need to plan on a group shot come aug. but it won't be the same without debbie and brie.

I added some pics@
I got to talking and forgot to take more picnic pics,sorry!

Take care.....Greg
Hey Harry,

Thanks for sharing those pictures! (And thanks to Greg as well! )  My favorite one is the "Rhonda in a box" photo. haha  It was funny to hear the story behind that one.

Y'all have a great day!


Professor Ron
The group picture is a great idea.  If Debbie and Brie can't make it, they will just have to have full size cardboard likenesses made up!  I would be glad to transport them to Gettysburg.

Uncle Pen's Friend

There are 5 pages of women's rainboots on http://www.target.com.   There bound to be a pair that would match one of her many dresses.


i'd like to see that professor......by the way, i love the first dress rhonda was wearing on sat. love, love, love!!!

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