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Check out the photos from the Ian Tyson filming in Calgary Alberta Canada.

There are none from the actual show, as they would not allow photos during the show, because of the cameras.  These are before and after the show with  Ian,  Ian's band members Gordon & Gordon, along with the incredible crew.

Here's a photo with the incredible Ian Tyson

Here's Gordon & Gordon -  Gordon on your left plays guitar. Gordon on your right plays bass.   That's ME in the middle.  

The church was beautiful....

Karen in CA & MO
Greetings Rhonda & the Rage.............
Great photo's. One question Rhonda, how do you have time to find the cute outfits that you wear? Besides being the Queen of Bluegrass your are the Queen of non stop tour dates and now the Queen of cute outfits!
Samantha gave me a shout this morning to let me know your video was on CMT.
We did the mother daughter thing and watched it together. She said WOW Mom Rhonda has some really buff biceps. This is coming from a girl that just got her physical training degree from San Diego State. She was impressed Rhonda!
Also want to give Herb a huge shout for booking Arroyo Grande next Jan. '09.
Way to get Rhonda and the Rage in California. Samantha will be moving to Texas in a few weeks but we still want you to give California something that they have been missing. I will continue to do my part. We keep viewing your video as it rocks. Did Tensel pick out the gold dress? Have a great Memorial Weekend to all.
Chris and I are celebrating our 29th anniversary on Monday the 26 th. Amazing!!
Wow!  The church is really beautiful!  Thanks so much for including us in your adventures.   It's always so much fun to see some of the places y'all get to play and the neat people you get to work with.



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