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earl austin
Thought I'd get this post in just in case I don't have a chance to get on the board the rest of the week..Saturday May 31, we, as Billy Grammar said (and later Bobby Bare) "are headed north to Detroit City", though we'll be in an overloaded Ford Freestar instead of a boxcar on a freight train.

Assuming we get the "okeedokee" to travel that far from Sherri's surgeon Tuesday, we'll be headed out Saturday. Kristin graduates June 5th from high school, & most of Sherri's mom's family still lives in the Detroit area so there going to celebrate the 50th wedding anniversary. In additon to Sherri's folks coming up from Orlando, so is her brother from that area & Sherri's sister & husband from Leavenworth. It will be the 1st time in 5 years Sherri's been back to Detroit and it will be the 1st time I've met any of her family other than Kristin, Sherri's parents, or her sister & her family...(Yes, Sherri & Kristin & Sherri's parents have warned everybody about my Hawaiian shirts & t-shirts that have ears of corn with gas nozzles coming out of them

Now comes teh fun..getting everything ready..the van packed not only with clothes & accessories, but electric wheelchair, conventional wheelchair, ramps, portable commode, coolers packed, extra "necessities" from the hospital that someone in Sherri's health requires etc Then there's getting the mail stopped, hair cuts, oil change. Everything is closed today. Tuesday is out because we have to spend the day in KC at the surgeon's and I have to work Wed & Thurs.

Say a prayer, not only for our safety, but that I don't get put in a mental assylum along the way from dealing with 900 miles each way of $4+ gallon gas in a van that MIGHT --(if we get lucky) get 19 or 20 mpg...


Earl, my thoughts and prayers are with you and Sherri as you travel to the Motor City. Have a safe trip.  Put a couple of Rhonda Vincent CDs in the CD player to play some good music. That should increase your mileage by a perfect 10! Peter


Travel safely.

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