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Good Morning All! 

Hope everyone has a great day!!!  I am getting very excited, only 5 more days until I get to go back to the great state of Missouri!!!!!

I had a little scare last night--I have been fighting off a horrible staph infection and it has come back...AGAIN....I went into the doctor for a 3rd surgery last night...I am extremely exhausted today and do not know how I am functioning at work, I prayed God would give me strength so I know that is the only way I am making it   Please remember me in your prayers as I fight off this infection, it is taking alot of me. 

I am off work the next 2 days so I will talk to you all on Friday...have a blessed day!!!!!
Hi Lib! so sorry you are sick....I will be praying for you my dear one.
Take care and try to get some rest. God Bless!!!
Lib, I am praying for the infection to go away quickly.

Tom Alman
Hi Lib! Hope you feel better real soon. We want ou well for the trip home!!!

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