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If you are local to Alexandria, VA area and are not traveling to any Rhonda Shows on July 11, 2008 - there is a Park concert by a new acoustic group that is free to the public.

Those interested in attending or helping promote contact me by email.  I can give you more information that way.  Since this is Rhonda's board I do not want to discuss details further here - for fear of getting tarred-feathered or run out on a rail by Julia or Rhonda or Dr. Herb  

If however you will be enroute to a RV & Rage Concert during that time - DO NOT STOP - or Pass Go (to collect your $200 monopoly money), but KEEP GOING DIRECTLY TO THAT RHONDA CONCERT.

C.T. Strickland Jr.
Public email address

Prez....heat up the tar, and pluck the chicken for feathers.... we have a self promoter on here....Glad I don't do anything like that...

Have a good day CT. and a good show in Alexandria.


Thanks Herb!

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