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Gary Kennedy
The incomparable RHONDA VINCENT is not scheduled for any CMT Power Picks contests this week.  I guess somebody got nervous when she won last week, so they went back to more traditional country musicians like Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, and Kid Rock. 

But enough about country music, because this is bluegrass festival season.  I am really getting excited about the Charlotte Bluegrass Festival, the Summersville Bluegrass Festival, and the SALLY MOUNTAIN BLUEGRASS FESTIVAL!
The Ol' Dawg

Is Big Mon Jovi gonna be there ?  

The Ol' Dawg

The Def McCoury Band ?  

The Ol' Dawg

 Kid Rock County ?   

Tom Alman
That did kind of throwd em off LOL! Tell them to not mess with the Ragers. We mean business!!!

OUR QUEEN is just too talented and classy to be up against anyone.
She is already #1 ... Gary I think you're right ...they got a little nervous.
Rhnda and Bluegrass music RULES.

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