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Charles Flanary
Good morning Rhonda and Ragers everywhere,I'm back home safe and sound,got here about 9:30 last night.What a weekend I had,it was a wonderful Fathers day present in Duffield and Floyd Virginia,I got to see Carol Laferty and Dianne Collins at Duffield and Donald Bailey,Maggie and parents,Richard & Julia in Floyd and of course Rhonda and the Rage in both places and two wonderful shows.Nothin Fancy was also at Floyd and put on a good show.Sally Mountain is my next big outing and I hope to see you there.
  Charles{Head of Rageland Security}
Good Morning Charles! Glad to see that you got home safely!

It was great seeing you at Floyd!
Tom Alman
WB Charles! Good morning to you and the Prez!!!


Hi Charles!  Glad you made it back safely!  Have a great day!!!!

Hello Charles!!
I was SOOOO glad to meet you Saturday! You're a very sweet person. I hope I'll see you at another show sometime!
Uncle Pen in PA

I just cleared one of my giant work hurdles I needed to get out of the way prior to Sally Mountain.   YAhooo!!   Let the fun begin...  I can;t wait

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