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Mike Garlock
Hi All,

    Gas Prices are out of sight, Business is down and now the worst Hail Storm I've ever seen just blew through NY.  Now I know what it feels like to be in a real Hail Storm.  Millions of Dollars of Fruit just got beat-up.  The Farmers have got to be sick over this.  I know I am.  Mike G.
OH NO MIKE!!!  We always look forward to the New York apples.

How about the cherry crop?

I was going to call and ask if they harvest the dark bing cherries; and when they are ready.

I love those. 

Mike Garlock
Hi Rhonda,

    I looked at a few Apple Orchards this afternoon and they were pretty bad.  On the way home from work I pulled into my favorite Sweet Cherry Block.  They were almost perfect.  So, we will have as many Cherries on board headed for Walnut Creek as we can keep cool.  Remember, I think Cherries had something to do with meeting my Baby in the Port-a-john Line!  I know we will bring some Heleva Good Cheese too.  Mike G.
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