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Charles Flanary
Good morning Rhonda and the Rage and all you Ragers living in the Queendom.Have a wonderful Blessed Lords' day and I'll see you soon.
  Charles{Head of Rageland Security}
Tom Alman
Hey Charles! Did you see my post about Security for Thursdays show?  We are gonna have a good time! Maybe I'll finally get a HUG!!!


Hello Charles!

Good Morning Charles.
TM! I am so happy for you... that you are going to see Rhonda And The Rage. You have a Ragin'''good time now.
Tom Alman
Louise, I wish you could be thre with us. You could not only meet The fabulous Rhonda and the Rage. You could also meet tat Brutus character aka The Rhonda stalker! and of course me too LOL! Hope the niece is doing well!!!


What time is coffee hour? lol

Tom Alman
What ever hour you want it to be Harry!

Tom Alman
Wish you could be with us on Thursday Harry then Rhonda could have three crazy people to work with LOL!!!

which thursday?

oh wait, are you insuating I'm crazy, lol

Tom, check your math.  Even with Harry, that still only adds up to two.

Tom Alman
Insinuating! Who's in insinuating?  Don't you know I can tell a crazy person when I see or hear them? I have on the job experience LOL! We will look for you this Thursday, Harry!  Rhonda may need a whip and a chair then HEE! HEE! I don't know though, that Big K is a pretty big guy. He may lay a whuppin on us LOL!!!


I won't be there this thursday

Tom Alman
That is our loss Harry! I was just funnin ya!

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