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Well I am not leavin yet. Only two more days of work! (If I can get everything done in two days )  And the show in Summersville on Sunday and then off to MO on Monday!  I just hope the water is not to high.

Mike Garlock
Morning Susan,

    Or To WIDE!  Sorry Susan, I couldn't resist.  Mike G.

We are in hopes of leaving tomorrow. Right now US 36 highway is closed just East of us (Chillicothe). Hope it is down tomorrow. Several of the county roads that we usually take are closed also. We may have to travel North on 65 then across 136 and then drop down. This flood in our area is worse than 1993. We have a lot more smaller roads closed this time. It came unexpected over night Tuesday night. There are several tractors in the bottom grounds that are half under water. It has also taken several places out on the railroad that runs through here. They contacted my Dad to haul 500 tons riprap and gravel to fix the tracks, and have ended up hauling over 1000 tons.


You'd better take 65 to Trenton, then 6 to Kirksville, then 63 up to Queen City. 136 still has bridge const. The detour brings you right back down to 6 into Kirksville anyway.

I'm starting to build a big boat...we got another inch last night, and it's still raining.
More Flooding

The detour for Hwy. 136 is closed also.  The water is over detour highway 149 at Connelsville.  (Flagmen at both ends of 149 directing you to another detour )  The 'official detour for the detour', per MODOT,  is now Highway 5 from U'ville to Highway 6 at Milan.  I guess the good news is that the three bridges on 136 will be replaced by one bridge...and a box culvert...and a big tube.  Gotta love progress.  Unionville is also flooded.  Good thing there are hills at Sally Mt. Park.

Don A
Any suggestions as to which route to take.  We will be coming from the north east.  We will be traveling on I-80 through Illinois.  Any suggestions from that point on?
Here's our usual route starting from the border at Port Huron, Mi using mapquest:  http://www.mapquest.com/maps?1c=Port+Huron&1s=MI&1y=US&1l=42.970798&1g=-82.425003&1v=CITY&2c=Queen+City&2s=MO&2y=US&2l=40.409199&2g=-92.567497&2v=CITY 
Should I take another route?

Check with MODOT before you get close. I don't know if Quincy or Hannibal is open. St.Louis is. I'm not sure about Iowa either. We've been getting slammed with rain. Someone said we had 5" Tuesday, and at least 3 more last night and today. Calling for more tommorrow. Clear Saturday and Sunday.
Don A

Thanks Herb.  We should be on our way by midnight and hopefully get at least half way,  which would be somewhere in Indiana, get some rest, and then continue on.  Should be at SM sometime Saturday.

Don, you should make a stop in Walnut Creek for Saturday's show, that's what we're doing.

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