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okay i'm wanting to learn a new song but i cant figure out wich song should i learn another night by ricky skaggs or cherroke shuffle?

Gary Kennedy
Lillybeth, I think it depends upon whether you want to sing or play an instrumental.  As far as I know, there aren't any words to "Cherokee Shuffle".  "Another Night" is a favorite of mine, although I tend to associate it with the Stanley Brothers.  It sounds like a Carter Stanley song, but was actually written by Hobo Jack Adkins.

I'm not some big-time fancy advice columnist like some people, but I recommend that you learn them both!

I just got "I WONDER WHERE YOU ARE TONIGHT" and the chords by Larry Chordel... its a Mandolin picker


well i sing another night with my dad i now know another night i'm gonna work on cherokee shuffle

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