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Mike Garlock
Thanks Julia,

    I e-mailed Robin today to find out if she fell off the Planet Earth and there she shows up in Branson.  Great Picture of the Rager's!  You know we all wish we were there.  Mike G.
Mike B

AWESOME portrait, y'all!!!

Charlie K

Boy, do I feel left out. I'm glad you all are having fun but I am sooo jealous. It won't be long until I see you at Sally Mountain and we're Ragin together.

hi ragers!!! it's great to see all of ya'll!!!! we have missed rockin robin on the mb!!!! and hello mary c.
tracie scruggs 
What a fine looking group!  Jean and Ron Trester missed the family portrait because they had to catch the shuttle back to the campground.  However, I know for a fact that they had a perfect 9 for 9 attendance record, because they were always in front of me in line.  Those two are just too quick for me.  If you ever need someone to take out the security guard when he doesn't open the gate on time, Jean is your girl.  All I had to do was follow my blocker.  I'm already hearing rumors that the Packers have offered Jean a contract.

It was great to see everyone in Branson for three wonderful days with the amazing RHONDA VINCENT and the RAGE!

We enjoyed our time standing in line with you Gary. You should have been with us today as we watched seven shows in five hours. For some reason the lines were much  much shorter---could it be that Rhonda Vincent and the Rage left the SDC grounds? See you at Sally Mountain.  

Rockin' Robin
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to everyone for the fun time in Branson and especially to Bec, Matt, Ashton, & Amaya and the elusive GLEEEEK for providing me with transportation to and from SDC and to Nannie for letting me stay at the Friend Inn!!!  I love it there~

It was so good to see ragers I rarely get to see.  Maybe I'll see many of y'all again at the Wedding of the Year in July at SM.  I hear they're going to have a dang good vocalist and fiddle player provide the music for the ceremony, some of you may have heard of them....Rhonda Vincent and Hunter Berry ?? 

I just wanted to say thanks to Rhonda and the Rage for a GREAT 3 days in Branson!  Amaya had the birthday of a lifetime and thought everyone came just for her (haha).  Thanks Robin, Amy and Gary for hanging out at the Friend Inn.  You are always welcome to stay when Raging in KC!  See you at Sally Mountain!

Not so Blonde.. lol


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