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The Ol' Dawg

And, some of us are off to work !!! To the Sally Mountain

segment of the population - Have a safe trip and a good time !!!















Tom Alman
Good mornin' Mike! I'll help hold down the fort while those folks have fun at Sally Mountain. Everyone be safe!

Mike B

Good morning Mike & Tom!  Add me to the list of folks who will be working next week.  This is traditionally our busiest week of the entire year; I should feel ten years older by the end of the week!

earl austin
Make that a no-show for us for the 2nd year in a row. Last year THE BRATT was in the hospital. This year I have to work next weekend and after getting 2 weeks off a few weeks ago there was no way I could get off this weekend...

I thought I was going able to trade with a guy who wanted off Wed & Thurs & be able to take off Fri/Sat & take a vacation day Sun and have someone stay with Sherri and come up Fri afternoon & leave Sun morning and sleep in the truck, but that's not going to happen either. In fact I have to work Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri, Sat, & Sunday next week....Oh well that will be about 16 hrs OT + holiday pay for July 4th & 5th

Robert Hall
This could be called the "Sally Mountain Blues" post I suppose..

'Ol Dawg & Earl,Mike B and Tom--since being at Sally Mountain is considered priceless,I doubt the extra pay you'll make working overtime will help ease the hurt you'll experience, knowing your missing out on a great time.. money ain't everything...spending a week with Rhonda IS!..

I'm not exactly overjoyed about having to miss all the fun myself either!..
I was born in the wrong part of the country,WAY too far from where I long to be..

It's a double edged sword--knowing that an artist is generous enough with their time,and care enough about their fans to even HAVE a fan club party warms your heart--but sadly,many fans cant get to them, due to various reasons,and it is very hard not to feel badly about missing them..it is the best time ever for those able to attend,but also a morose time for those who are wanting to be there,but cannot,for whatever the reason....

It's a darn shame that has to happen,that only some can attend,and others must miss out..

Every year I get my hopes up,thinking maybe I'll be able to get to them THIS year,then when summer finally comes,and I once again see I don't have the means to go ,I have to face the fact again that I wont be able to see Sally Mountain now,or attend any other fan club parties either...

With the way gas prices are rising,and circumstances at home,my health declining,and finances getting worse with each passing day,I do not have much hope for my chances of getting to any fan club parties next year,the year after,or ever,really..

I'll be lucky if I still have a vehicle next year at all, the way things are going for me--right now I'm behind on my insurance payment,my car's inspection sticker is expired,and the plates on my truck expire next month,and the sticker on that expires in September too..and both need a lot of work..when you can't even fill the gas tank,money for repairs and all the other stuff is very hard to come by..

I probably wont get to go to any more concerts this year,I was lucky to get to see Rhonda last month,and that wouldn't have been possible without the generosity of another "Rager" ,Jim Hughes,who I am in debt to for being so kind..thanks to him,I was able to see TWO good shows by Rhonda and the Rage,,and RHONDA was the one I wanted to see more than anyone else--though I do feel bad about missing a few other shows of my other "favorites" too..

To those who say "there is always next year",I find very little comfort in those words..none,actually..

I had a lot of friends who said that, when they had to miss an event they wanted to attend badly,and unfortunately,they never lived to see "next year"..some artists I followed decided to stop having a fan club and parties,others passed away,or have left the music business altogether....this is why I take missing things like this so hard,because they only happen once,and you may never get a second chance..and you cant turn back the hands of time..

I pray all who are lucky enough to get to Sally Mountain have a great week,and will give Rhonda a big hug for me...I'll be missing her!..


Hey Robert & Dawg....just hop on a plane and join us for all the fun at Sally Mountain!!!!!  

Robert Hall

I wish it were that easy!.. but I see no "Free plane rides to Kirksville MO" on any of the travel websites I logged onto!..

I hate flying though,I'd have to be sedated to take another flight,after having two really nerve wracking flights through severe thunderstorms when I went to Nashville years ago,I vowed to never set foot on another airplane after that!.....

Guess I should have hopped a Greyhound a week ago,maybe I'd gotten there by the 4th if I had..

The Ol' Dawg

Hey, "U CAN DO IT" - That sounds good, in theory. The fact is that I have a disabled mother to look after (As well as some major oil companies who dictate that a large part of my income now goes to gasoline for commuting to my job), and, I REALLY need to stay "gainfully employed" to support the both of us. As it stands now, if it ain't a "day trip" to see the Queen, it ain't gonna happen. Cruises, IBMA Week, and Sally Mountain are off the docket until my situation has changes that will allow it. Just like that old song - "The Cold Hard Facts Of Life".  


I have only been a fan club member for a few months.  After I joined, I couldn't believe all the things that Rhonda does for her fans.  I hope to get to go to Sally Mt sometime but I live in VA and it is way to far for me.  I can't do the cruise because I teach school. They never give us that many days in a row. However, I am not going to say never! I will make a show sometime this year I hope but if not, I am definately planning for next year.  To all that are at Sally Mt., I hope you have great weather, fun times, and unforgettable experiences.  It would be great to see some pictures when you return

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