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Have a Beautiful Day Rhonda!!! I Love You a Lot!
Louise...Have a Great Day!  Sweet Dreams!
Hello To All Ragers!         --William
TGIF!!!   The weekend has begun with a great roar.

We enjoyed a great day in Charlotte, Michigan.  Wonderful to see my old neighbor Mary Walker. She just passed the bar exam here in Michigan; and now begins a career in law. 

Also great to see Gary, Tom, and so many Rager fans.

We're on our way to Virginia........

Sleep well!!!    
Mike B

Good morning y'all!

Tom Alman
Good morning all! Rhonda I wi8ll send you an email later today! Thanks so much for coming north. I only wish that more people were able to hear the great job that you did! Tell Kenny thanks for the talk!!!


Good Morning Ragers!  Hope everyone has a blessed Friday!!!!!!!

Good Morning William...have a Blessed day.
Good Morning Rhonda, Herb, Mike B, Tm! that is probably still on Ragin'' cloud nine, Lib! how is your little Sis?...I pray all is well, Don, Robert, Charles, Susan, Julia, Dean, John, Colt, and to Everyone.
Have a beautiful Friday ALL.

Hey Louise!  Thank you so much for asking about her....I talked to my mom yesterday, she is still on bedrest--Which she is hating!  But she is doing good....she is off the medicine in 3 1/2 weeks and then we will see what happens!!!

Tom Alman
Hi Lib! Keep us updated! She is gonna be fine! I just know it! With a sister like you how can she lose!!!


Aww thanks Tom!

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