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Gary Kennedy
Ben, I hope that it isn't bad luck to wish you good luck, but you probably don't need any luck anyway.  Have a great time at the national championship.  You're already a winner in my book.

Remember, we love you, win or tie!
You're going to do great Ben!!!!! We're all proud of you!

Good Luck Ben!!

Tom Alman
Go BEN!!!

Mary C.

Ben, we know you are ready for the challenge! Have a good time!!!

The Adams Family



  GOOD LUCK, BEN.............see you on the Mountain 


Good Luck, Ben!! I am so proud of you. Keep an eye on my baby girl in Kansas City.
Live from the Hughesgrass
Keepin our fingers crossed......awards are 6-9pm this eve. Ben completed his final day of 6hrs yesterday. He had to design a full Honda ad campaign to spec for 4 hrs and then 2 hrs he had to create his own design with a given logo. He has a 1/47 chance. It has been a fun and very grueling week for him. He is definetely looking forward to some Ragin when we get to SM We are travelin w/a winner,no matter the awards results!!   J n J & "Ragin' travel daughters"
Tom Alman
Yes you are, Jim and Jane! Yes you are indeed!!!

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