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Well...5 days at Smith Mountain Lake 4-H Camp was pretty exhausting. A lot of fun though. It was VERY VERY hot up there!!! The staff didn't even let us stay outside for the last 2 days of camp because it was SOOO hot! My classes that I took we're great. I learned A LOT of new things! I really wanted to be in the talent show at camp, but I was really hoarse. And I still am! It's really aggravating!!!! I was given "The Most 4-H Spirit" award. I love being a part of 4-H. This is my 4th year at 4-H Camp now. I definitely plan on going back next year and being a Counselor In Training. It'll be great!
Kim From MO
Good for you Maggie!!  I'm glad you had a good week!  Congratulations on your award and I'm sorry you're hoarse!

Kim from MO
Tom Alman
Hi there Maggie! Way to go. Glad you had fun!!!

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