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Hi All,

Back now from SM for a day and still exhausted but a good exhausted it is!  Amy and I had a fun day eating and shopping with the kids. 

I want to send a special thanks to the Vincent family for allowing Matt and I to have our wedding at the festival.  Thanks to Brian for mowing "the Hill" and making sure everything looked beautiful on Sat.  Thanks to Rhonda for singing Walk Through This World With Me and Hunter for the incredible fiddle playing while feeling ill!  You are incredible!  I bet no one else has the talented Rhonda Vincent and Hunter Berry to be witnesses on their marriage license!  WOW BABY!  Also thanks to Mickey for walking our mom's down the isle at the last minute.  Thanks for being my "brother" on Sat!  Thanks to all my ragerazzi's for shooting EVERYTHING!  (My wedding photographer's mother was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer a week before the wedding and had to pull out last minute.)  One more big THANK YOU to Herb for hooking us up with the honorable judge Steve Wilcox!  Thank you Steve! Thank you Joni and Hilary for helping serve the cake and punch and a HUGE thank ya to Rockin Robin for letting me invade the new RV and get ready on Sat morning!

Ok I thought I was done but thank you to Hilary for driving over 6 hours with three kids, (all by herself) to be at the wedding.  I LOVE YOU! 
 We feel incredibly blessed to have so many rager friends and family around to celebrate our special day.  Here are a few pics from the wedding.

Congratulations Bec!! That was probably the most beautiful wedding I've ever been to, and you made such a beautiful bride I wish you all the happiness in the years to come.

p.s. All the pictures turned out great!

Sweet Brenda
I'm so happy for you.   You made a awesome bride, I know you are going to be happy.

Kim from MO
Hi Bec,
I didn't get to congratulate you in person at Sally Mountain, I wish you good luck and much love for now and always!

Kim from MO

Thanks you all,

I am truly blessed to have great family and friends!  You all are the best!

Ben Hughes

Congrats again on the wedding! It was a pleasure getting to take photos of all of you on such a fun and special day. I just shared them with mom and she loved them all.
Congrats again, Bec and Matt!!
-Ben Hughes

Got the tell you Ben,

that the shot of my daughter and I, you took right before she walked me down the isle, is one of my all time favorites EVER!!!!  You are an amazing talent.  Keep up the great work!

Gary L Kennedy
Bec and Matt,

You guys put on a great show!
I don't know where you found that singer.
She was awesome!


Ben Hughes
THANKS, Bec the Bead Lady!!

It means a lot, especially from a pro photog
p.s. Tell Ash to accept my friend request!


You got it Ben! 


Hey Bec.  I'm still going to send you that cd with all the pics on it (I got quite a few!) but I just wanted to let you know it might take a few extra days as my father passed away yesterday.  I'll get it out to ya as soon as possible tho!

Oh my Gosh Kari,

I am so sorry to hear that.  Don't you even worry about the pics until you have dealt with what you need to do.  I will keep you and your family in my prayers during this difficult time.
Thanks for thinking of me during your time of grief.


Hey Bec and Matt, Okay, so now I'm sitting her crying over my keyboard. The pics are absolutely amazing and I know that your wedding day was even more amazing. You all look so beautiful and happy! Thanks so much for sending the pics and I look forward to seeing the rest of them. I wish you happiness always! Love, P
I had no idea! you didnt mention a thing! OMG! Congradulations! you looked amazing!!!!!!!!!!
Best wishes to you both!
You guys looked great and I must say Ash's boots were awesome!  I miss you so much and I was so glad to see some pics from your big day.  I am so happy for you and you guys looked fab!  Don't be a stranger now, we have been friends for too long!  I will talk to you very soon.  Best to all of the fam.
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