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This is a stretch but how about Grandpa Jones or Wilma Lee Cooper?

Was the person a member of the Grand Ole Opry or one of the stars?  I'm kinda dumbfounded that Roy Acuff and Grandpa Jones were not inducted as members of the Opry.
Trivia Team
Very good Courtney!!!!

The answer is Wilma Lee Cooper.

Wilma Lee made her final road appearance on the Sally Mountain Stage.

How about a backstage pass to the Grand Ole Opry this Friday, along with an autographed Good Thing Going Poster and Sally Mountain Button as your prize??? 

Don A

Good job Courtney!

Uncle Pen's Friend

Good Job Courtney -----  hope you will be able to make it!!!!

Ann eh

You go girl!!!!!!!!!!!  Great job Courtney.

Tom Alman
Way to go Courtney! Congrats!!!


good job Court.  Enjoy your prizes

Charlie K

Excellent job, Courtney. Have fun at the Opry.

Mary C.
Congratulations Courtney!!! Have great time!
Uncle Pen in PA

Courtney...    If you have to work Friday night and can;t go, I am standing by at the Southwest terminal ready to head for N-Ville!~~~~


Way to go Miss Courtney! Enjoy the Opry Friday night!

Ben Hughes
Good job Courtney!
Yay Courtney!
Thanks guys!
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