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Gary L Kennedy
.....home of the historic Ryman Auditorium, the Grand Ole Opry, and Vanderbilt University (which has one of the three football teams in the SEC that THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY might be able to beat....see Post #109 from the Dear Herby Message Board for details).

I'm sort of in the mood to tell you about myself, so I guess I'll get right to it.  Following the Vincent Family Lovefest at Sally Mountain Park, I spent three days in the great state of OHIO, capped off yesterday by a nostalgic tour of THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY (the school with the football team that might be able to beat three of the twelve SEC teams)  Unfortunately, my favorite building, the William Oxley Thompson Library is closed for renovation until 2009.  I just don't understand where they expect the football players to spend all of their time.

This morning I got up at 4:00 AM and hopped a Southwest Bird headed for Music City.  In keeping with a long-standing tradition, the first CD that I played in my rental car was "One Step Ahead".  I also had my traditional Nashville breakfast, a whole wheat cinnamon raisin roll (well, actually two) at Great Harvest Bread Co, across from the Green Hills Mall.  After stocking up on supplies for the next two days at Whole Foods, I was intending to go on some sort of scenic walk.  However, I've become such a humidity wimp that I ended up just walking laps at the mall with the Dillards (the store, not the band).  There was actually some outstanding scenery in the mall, especially at one particular store, but it's a Secret.

So now I'm at the Green Hills Public Library and it's time to start getting emotionally prepared for tonight's guaranteed-to-be-phenomenal show at the Ryman, featuring Dailey and Vincent, IIIrd Tyme Out, and the incomparable RHONDA VINCENT and the RAGE!  I'm off to dinner and then I'll see you there!
Gary why didn't you just stop in the Apple store and get on the message board from there? Others from this board have done that
Tom Alman
Or better then that. Stop in and buy one LOL!!!

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