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Donna C.
Hi everyone,

My daughter Michelle and I, from Massachusetts, had a fantastic time at Sally Mountain Park.  A big thank you to all of you who made us feel so welcome! We're hoping to be able to go back next year!

Thank you so much Rhonda, for calling Michelle on stage to play Kentucky Borderline with you in honor of her 8th grade graduation.  You made her present complete!  She's still smiling about it and it was truly a memorable moment for her!

While Michelle was on stage, I was busy taking a video of it and, therefore, I don't have any still photos of her playing with either Rhonda or the Bluegrass Brothers.  If anyone has some that they could send to me for Michelle's scrapbook we would truly appreciate it.  They can be sent to dcann5@comcast.net.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!!!

Charlie K

I don't have any photos to send but I do want to say that I was really impressed by your daughters performances. It's really a thrill to see young kids play so well and I'm sure it's a tremendous experience for her to play on stage with legends. It also makes me mad because to play well is agonizing for me! Congratulations to you and your daughter.

Donna C.
Thanks for your kind words, Charlie. -- Donna

Maybe we could jam at Sally Mountain next year! --- Michelle
I'm sure I have some photos but haven't gotten around to even hooking the camera up yet.  I'm kind of worn out.

Michelle did a great job.

p.s.  I'm the one that you thought you recognized from a show in new england.  (with the handlebar moustache)
Charlie K

Michelle, I would love to jam with you next year but your skills are so far above mine that I'll never catch up. You should be jamming with some of those legends you were on stage with. Next year I'll tell you how it can be done.


I got a few shots of her with Rhonda but none with the Bluegrass Brothers.  I'll send off what I have!

Don A

Just sent 3 photos your way, of Darrell playing Michelle's banjo while she looked on.  It's the only 3 I have, I don't have any while she was on stage.  

Donna C.

I know I'll figure out who it is that looks like you!  I'm on a mission! (I still think she's gone crazy -michelle)

Rest up and if you get time to check for the photos later on, that would be great!



I'll jam with anybody who happens to have an instrument in hand!!

Kim from MO
Hi Donna,

I just downloaded my photos and sent 6 that I took of Michelle playing with Rhonda and the Rage and the Bluegrass Brothers.  My camera isn't the greatest but I think you can tell it's Michelle. 

Please let me know if you need me to resend any of them.


Kim from MO
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