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Alana Flowers

LISTEN UP EVERYBODY!!! Talk show host Keith Larson and I will be talking with Rhonda on the "Colossus of the South", WBT Radio, in Charlotte, North Carolina on 1110 AM/99.3FM Friday, July 11, at 11:30 AM Eastern Time!!!! It's also going to be Banjo Friday, so tune in at 9:06 AM!!!

Alana...I am so sorry I missed the interview this morning.

I over slept till 11am this morning, and I am truly embarrassed to miss this.

When I called the station, they said you had already left.

I spoke with your mother.

Please accept my apologies, and allow me to try again another time.

Alana Flowers
Hey Rhonda,

Don't worry about it! That stuff happens, I know...Thank you for calling, I really appreciate that.

I'm soooo excited to see you and the Rage at the festival today! We gave away four pairs of tickets to the festival, and we played a clip of "Kentucky Borderline" around 11:48 or so yesterday, from your LIVE album.

Hope you have a wonderful day, and I'll see you later!

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