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Tom Alman
All the best to you Bob! Feel better soon!!!


God Bless you Bob !!! feel better soon.

Robert Hall
Best wishes to you,from one "Bob" to another!.. Hope you can make it to the fan club party next year,and your soon feeling better!..

I am hoping I can go to Sally Mountain next year too,but I'm not very enthusiastic about my chances of actually getting there..


I'm so sorry you haven't been feeling well and that you missed the fan club party this year.  We certainly hope to see you there next year!   We will be sure to keep you and your family in our prayers.  Here's wishing you a speedy recovery!

Currently in Goodlettsville, TN
Soon to be Monroe, LA

Charlie K
Hey Bob,
I hope you are feeling better really soon. We're looking forward to seeing you at Sally Mountain and the Fan Club party next year.
Charlie K in California
Karen in CA & MO
Hi Bob.
I hope this finds you feeling better!! There's only one way to feel, right?
My family is a newbie on the Ragin Rhonda train. We've been with her for a couple of years only. We have a great uncle Gene that has been with her since she was an early teen. We all got together and went to Rhonda's show in Springfield, MO last September. It was my first and what a real treat it was!
Maybe you were there? My husband and I live in Ojai (o-hi) California but bought a small farm near Bolivar, Missouri 2 yrs. ago. His family is originally from Missouri.
We are trying to finish our working days quickly so we can make Missouri our permanent home. We can't wait! In the meantime we try and save $$ and make frequent trips back to Missouri. And hopefully have the trips co-ordinate around Rhonda & the Rage's shows. In my perfect world, hahaha....
Sorry to have written a book but just wanted to explain the CA & MO deal.
Again, hope you keep positive thoughts flowing and lot's of prayer too.
You will be in my daily's.
Wish I was more of a computer-geek....I would include a photo of our family with Rhonda in Springfield. She asked me to email her the pic's and I haven't.
Will work on it. This was very cool of Herb to bring us all to you.
Hopefully Herb will update us on you. Looking forward to it. Hugs, Karen & family
God Bless You, Bob.  Hope you are back on your feet real soon.

Mineral Wells, WV

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