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Carolyn & Rhonda
Hello from Maui!   We decided to take an impromptu flight from Honolulu to Kahuliu in Maui; just to take in the sights of another Hawaiian Island.

It was only a 30 minute flight.  We rented a car, and drove around Maui all day.  Stopped at Whaler's Village for lunch and a bit of shopping. (Dear Herby....we found you something!!!)   Then drove the ocean road back to the airport. 

Our flight departs in an hour; so we decided to post from here at the airport, as we wait for our flight.

Hope everyone is doing well.  We're having a great time.  Tomoo
I'm so glad you guys are enjoying the beautiful scenery and having a great time!!!

Do I ever have a pile of work for you when you get home
Yeah...me too!!!!

What the heck is a tomoo???? I 've heard of a moomoo, but not a tomoo.

I hope you guys are getting this out of your system, while the Prez and I are here slaving away, with no baseball to watch. (Well, I guess she really doesn't have baseball to watch anytime of year.)

It's tough trying to run a gzillion dollar business by myself. And BTW....Lorrie didn't show up tonight. I'm so sad....think I'll go to bed.

Glad you guys are having a great time in Hawaii !  Hang in there Herb and Julia

Tom Alman
I know what tomoo is! Its Tom with a couple of extra oo's

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