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earl austin
Just wanted to let everyone know we're still alive. Haven't been on the board too much lately because it was too depressing reading about everybody having such a good time @Sally Mt and seeing all the pictures because we had to miss it because of work & the uncertainty of Sherri's health. It can change at a moment's notice as can the functioning of the van seat...(Don't ask about last night's Kiwanis dinner).

We're OK all things considered. Fighting the heat like everybody else. Even in a/c it's hard on Sherri. And at work it can get 100-110 inside on a 90 degree day. 12 hours in that starts taking its toll on this old body. Sherri got 3 days' worth of  IV SaluMedril (steroids) for the 1st time in almost a year. They've helped her quite a bit, though not like they used to. And we've survived the "moodiness" caused by the high doses of prednozone to used to wein her off the body's cravings of the SaluMedril. One good thing about the heat last week: With the windows closed & the a/c on, the neighbors couldn't hear our "prednozone-induced" arguments!

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