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Rhonda, Herb:

I see there is already a 05/29/2009 date scheduled for Preston, CT and the annual Strawberry Park Festival. There appears to be a 6-day gap between this show and the previous one in Tennessee on 5/23.

Can we persuade you and the Martha While bus to come visit us in Boston, Cambridge or Somerville MA next year? We sure would love to have you!
Otherwise, I'm off to my first SPBGMA awards in February.

BTW I am healing up nicely and am back to work fulltime. Oh, well!

Hope your summer touring is going well, and that everyone enjoyed their vacations...

Dean the Boston Boy
Robert Hall
Dean!--glad to hear your doing OK after your operation!..hope everything keeps going good for you!.

It sure would be nice to have Rhonda play here in MA for a change..
---while I do enjoy seeing her at Strawberry Park in CT,I am getting a bit weary of the long drives to the CT venues,and gas now being so costly means I probably wont be able to go to them anymore..(same goes for shows in western MA,or NH and VT,and Maine.).Unless things change for the better here,(and things don't look good as far as that happening)--my concert going days may be all over,period..and that isn't something I want to happen,believe me!..

We need a new concert venue here in southeastern MA, and also on Cape Cod--there are few places to have a good sized crowd gather for a concert around here,the only one left is the big amphitheater in Mansfield about 10 miles from me,that has changed names three times in as many years....(last I knew it was the "tweeter center",now another bank owns it and the name has changed again!).But it's a huge place,not so well suited to hold a Bluegrass concert in..

...many "coffee house" type folk venues here,and some places like the Plymouth Memorial Hall are good places to go see a show,but they rarely book any country or Bluegrass artists.. most cant hold more than 100-300 people though..

The "Cape Cod Melody Tent" in Hyannis,and "South Shore Music Circus" in Cohasset are nice venues,but neither have that many country acts or Bluegrass artists play there either..

While a Boston show would be great for you Dean,many folks in my area don't want to go to Boston unless they have no alternative..(especially ME!)..

I hate paying to park,and having to walk long distances to the venue from the parking garage,when I go to Boston..it adds a lot to the cost,and the traffic in Boston is nuts..it takes a lot of joy out of going when you have to face all that..but if I lived there and could walk to the venue,or take the "T",it would be great!..

I find going farther than 30-50 miles one way is getting harder and more expensive every day..I prefer shows in small towns or "out in the country" ,in lieu of those in a big city..a venue like Strawberry Park is the perfect place to see a Bluegrass concert..

I think Rhonda would be right at home at the "Indian Ranch" in Webster,it's a nice outdoor venue located on a lake shore, under towering pines..but their line up of artists has dwindled in recent years since they recently changed ownership...they seem to be migrating towards older rock artists and other acts ,not mostly country like it was for nearly 50 years..I'm wondering if they will keep having concerts there,I don't think they are doing as well as in past years..

I was going to try to see Terri Clark there next month,but I see Lorrie Morgan is taking her place,Terri is canceling her tour dates this summer so she can spend time with her mom, while she fights her cancer..but since I am broke now,and have lots of bills due,I wont have to worry about going anyway..That was their only female act scheduled there this season too--that seems to happen a lot there,they evidently don't book many female acts,why I don't know..

Oh well,I guess that's enough lamenting about the lack of good concerts around here,it's just as well there isn't any,since I couldn't go to them anyway..

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to RICHARD!..and SAMI!..hope you have a great day!..hope all the rest of the Ragers are hanging in there too..Take care,and God bless everyone!..


I had a dream one time that I opened my OWN club. which would feature country and bluegrass performers almost exclusively. I wanted to see. Food for thought...

I can't really get to the South Shore or Cape either, and this time of year I find that very frustrating. Ditto festivals in Maine and New Hampshire.

Rhonda would be a welcome addition to either the Lowell or Boston Folk Festivals, which are T-accessible. I have seen Doc Watson, (Dr.!) Ralph Stanley and the Infamous Stringdusters in Lowell (along with local groups) and it's a great stage space.

Come to think of it, Rhonda is way overdue to be a Boston Bluegrass Union featured act. I know that's usually in Lexington, but it's a very intimate space and sonically one of the best places for bluegrass in the greater Boston area.

We have to figure out if someone can get a bunch of us new Englanders all to the U-Mass Boston for this year's festival. Kathy Mattea is a featured performer this year.

Dean the Boston Boy
Robert Hall

Funny you had that dream too!--I had similar thoughts,how great it would be if I could hit the lottery,and buy or build a venue that caters only to country and Bluegrass ,and perhaps Folk artists..we have enough rock and roll,rap,hip hop,and other types of music concerts around here,it's about time we had a venue that isn't biased when it comes to good music!..and one closer to where I live,so I wont have to spend a fortune just getting to the shows..

I live about 300' from Rt 44,a busy highway that has a mile long stretch of new car dealers,that is dubbed "The Auto-mile"--right in front of my house is a dozen car dealerships---well,in the past month,TWO large dealers,"Classic Chrysler" and "Jimmy's Suzuki" are now EMPTY,out of business,victims of the sour economy here--and both buildings are up for lease!..(they were built less than ten years ago too!)..

It's starting to look more like the
"Ghetto-mile"!..(however,the Toyota and Honda dealers 500' away are having record sales!)..

As I drove by there yesterday,I thought to myself "gee,that Chrysler dealership would make a decent concert venue--it's not real huge,but could hold a couple hundred people easily,maybe a lot more--it has easy access to the major highways,it's only a mile or two to Rt.24 or Rt.495,and it has a very large parking lot,a Wal-Mart and four hotels,and many restaurants within a mile
of it too!--and a "T" train stop is located about 5 miles away too!....

How cool would it be to have Rhonda and our other favorite performers come to play there,only FEET from my home!..the artists could take a short drive,and be in Cape Cod in about 25 minutes,if they wanted to go do some sightseeing or fishing,swimming,or gobble up some lobsta's!..(Rhonda could go visit the Hughes,and her bus could park in my driveway,it's plenty big enough!)..

I was hoping the proposed casinos they were supposed to build nearby would have gone through,it would be like having a Mohegan Sun 3 miles from my house instead of 80 miles away!.. it appears that idea has been shelved for at least a couple of years though
..I'm sure they will get built,but not anytime soon--I might not be living here by then!..

I suppose the arts and entertainment industry will balk at spending money to make new venues now,with things being so hard for many people,they wont have the cash to go to concerts like they used too..they wont build them if they think it wont be profitable..It stinks,knowing what a great area this COULD be--but isn't,because no one is willing to invest in an area where the economy is sour,and taxes are high..

I heard a large plot of land in Plymouth MA has been bought by a movie studio,and they have "big plans" to make this area of MA "Hollywood East" and make many movies here and produce them!..supposedly they are planning to build several huge sound stages there ,maybe they will have some concerts there too?..that would be cool,it's only 15 miles from where I live..

I know one thing--if I end up moving,it'll be to a state Rhonda and my other favorite artists perform in frequently!..and CLOSE to the venues!..I'm tired of living in the "Bluegrass Free Zone" up here!.



I visit North Carolina, Tennessee and West Virginia every year or so. Mighty purty country down there... With the current economy, it's pretty affordable now too.

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