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Can anyone tell me what Rhonda's connection is to Mapleton Depot, PA is?  I found a fan mailing address that is for this location.  Thanks!
Hi Kim!

Wow! Someone who has heard of Mapleton Depot I am Rhonda's Fan Club Prez and am originally from Mapleton Depot. I lived there until last June when I got married and moved to WV.

Are you from that area?
Wow that is very interesting to hear.....have you ever heard of Breezewood, PA in Bedford County? It's about an hour from there.  I had been searching online for a fan mailing address to send a letter to Rhonda, would you recommend a particular mailing address?  Thanks!
Oh yes, I've been through Breezewood many times. I travel through Bedford everytime I go home to visit my family.

When I moved, we changed the Fan Club address back to PO Box 31, Greentop, MO 63546. That is the best place to contact Rhonda.
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