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I just got my tickets for the Sept 19th show in Jonesboro, AR.  I'm very excited about seeing Rhonda & the Rage again!!

Connie Leigh
 Rhonda is coming to Jonesboro, Arkansas!!!! YESSSSSSSS
Hey Rhonda, that's only 40 miles from me!!!! YIPPIE!!!!!!!!
I looked on the website to purchase tickets, and I only see available tickets to shows through August.  I wonder if I call the place, if they will let me get my tickets now....
Connie Leigh

Yes, you can.  I went to the box office yesterday to pick them up.  You can call 888-ASU-FANS or try this link:


Hope this helps. 

Wes Sisco
Connie Leigh
Hey Wes
Thanks for the information!
I got my tickets.... See ya there.
Connie Leigh
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