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What a cutie!


NOW he is a real CUTIE!!! 

Kim from MO

What a little sweetheart!!

Connie Leigh
I think he is the most precious sight I have seen in forever.
I think babies are God's way of saying there is hope for the future.
Congratulations to the Harris's.

He is so cute!!!

Tom Alman
That is one precious child!!!

Mickey & Crystal
We wanted to thank everyone for their well wishes for us and Jackson.  We truly appreciate them.  We also wanted to update everyone and let you know that Jackson in doing fine now.  He had a rough start the first day.  His oxygen level dropped 3 different times so they had to give him oxygen and an IV.  They ran several tests on him for a couple of days.  Everything came back negative.  The dr. thinks that he was just being lazy.  We had to stay a little extra in the hospital just to make sure that he was still doing ok once he recovered.  He eats just like the Rage!!!! (every 2 to 3 hours and at odd times).  Big sister Mikayla is still trying to adjust to having a little brother.  Mommy is doing well and feels good.  We hope to see everyone soon.

Mickey, Crystal, Mikayla, and Jackson
So glad to know everything is going great, I am so happy for you all. We welcomed a new baby boy last week to our family and he is precious.
Jackson is such a cutie, congratulations Mickey & Crystal & Mikayla!
Many Blessings,

Glad to hear all is well!! Jackson Cooper is adorable
Mickey, I used to work in the newborn nursery and yes, the little boy babies were  sometimes lazy. We always had more trouble with them.  Too bad they tend to grow up and  become big boy lazy babies.  Glad everyone is okay.

He is so adorable!  I think i found a husband for my new niece

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