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Mike Garlock
Hi Everyone,

    It has been a GREAT last few day's.  We have had a lot of fun.  Our Queen and her Court are heading Home today.  She has to get back on the Bus and head for Ohio.  I think GLK has landed there and will be waiting her arrival tomorrow.  Herby and the boy's have one more day in NY.  We are in for a real treat today.  We secured a playing spot at Locust Hill Country Club this Morning.  That is where the LPGA played last Month, it's real nice.  Herb and the Missouri Knuckleheads almost won the Tourney here Monday.  They lost by one stroke.  I talked Rhonda into playing a Song at the Dinner after the Tourney Monday.  The Crowd demanded another.  That was real Cool and I think it counts as a show!  Mike G.

Mike I think we need a ruling from the Prez, on counting it as a show  

Sorry Mike, it WOULD have counted as a show normally.....BUT since you allowed the Queen to use your phone to harass me with text messages on Sunday, I am afraid that disqualifies this as a show
Hey Mike,

Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun!  Glad to hear it.   Safe travels to the Queen and her court as well as Herb as the "Knuckleheads"
Great to see  you Mike!!!  And Brenda as well.

Mom has the blow dryer, trying to dry out all the items in her purse. 
The boat almost sinking, couldn't have been planned any better. 

I'll be in Columbus tomorrow dotting my I s.  

See you then.....

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