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We just finished the first show.  It's a packed crowd here in Van Wert Ohio.

The general manager said it was a record for the earliest chairs were set up.

People were here at 6am today. They're not suppose to set them up until 12 noon; but they allowed it since people got up to early.

 He said we set a record for the earliest chairs ever.  :-)   

Reckon Guiness will recognize that???   LOL

Gary Kennedy won the prize tonight for the farthest traveled to the show;
so we performed his request for "Heartbreaker's Alibi".

Sorry we didn't get Cry of the Whippoorrwwilll in tonight. We're planning to starting doing that song more, when I can remember the words again.

Thanks to everyone who attended tonight's show.

We had a blast!!!

Phil; Akerman
Rhonda  ,,Was at your show tonight in Van Wert have been going to the summer concerts as long as they have had them  Have seen many fine acts ,but your is the top show that I have seen Very entertaining and such a great voice and musical talent Thanks again for a great time Glad you came to Van Wert  Hope you make it home safe and  sound  and not too much water damage at your home    Phil A
Just got back to Dayton from the show.  OUTSTANDING show.  Small town middle America, free concerts on Friday evenings, with great artists.  What more could you ask for....(can you come back next week PLEASE???  Now that Van Wert has been exposed to great bluegrass, maybe they will do this more often.  We even had good weather, no rain.

THANKS for a great show RV & R
Hello Phil & Doug.....great to hear from you!!!

Thanks for comin' to the show tonight.

We're making our way toward Rutledge, TN.

Come on down and join us tomorrow!!!

Wish I could follow you down I 75, but I have to work this weekend.
I will see you on the 9th of August in Miamisburg tho.
thanks again for a great show..
Travel safe.


What time did you set your chair up Doug??  


I didn't get up there until about 1745.  We sat right beside the sound tent.  Should have sat down between the bus and the stage but didn't think of it until too late.
Hope you had safe trip to TN
Have a great show tonight and safe trip back to wet MO.

Gary L Kennedy
Good morning from the public library in BUCYRUS, OHIO.  I'll be giving guided tours of my hometown all day today.  There are still openings left on the tour, so feel free to stop by and join us.  In fact, we've got nothing but openings.  We're going to get the old gang together and have a wild small town Saturday night.

Wonderful show in Van Wert last night.  The audience was completely dazzled, which is exactly how it should be.  Special thanks to the incomparable RHONDA VINCENT for singing my request "Heartbreaker's Alibi"! 

I arrived at 6:00 PM last night and the park was already full of chairs.  However, the good folks of Van Wert were nice enough to leave room for one chair on the second row.  I don't feel like I really deserved the prize for traveling the farthest, though.  Since I was born in Bucyrus, I really only traveled 90 miles to get to this show.  It just involved a few detours and took 55 & 1/2 years (don't forget the big half birthday on July 28th).

In an unrelated story, this morning I walked down Mary St. and I couldn't believe that the front porch swing is still there at the Williamson house.  Many years ago I used to sit on that swing with Connie while her brother ate chocolate pie and her mother cut up chicken to fry and......well, my computer time is almost up, but I think you know where this is going.  It was true love.

Happy Ragin' everyone!
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