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Paityn Rose
Sorry it took so long to write, but I've been busy keeping grandma and grandpa in line.  Thanks for helping me with the fan club membership and for the prizes at the fan club.  I have your posters on my wall and grandpa and grandma show them to me every day that I'm at their house.  I'm hoping to see you again in Claremore, OK and then I hope I get to go to Starvey Creek @ Conway, MO after that.

The other night when we were sitting by the campfire, grandpa had XM Bluegrass Junction on and you were singing Missouri Moon.  I stopped playing so I could listen to the whole song, uninterrupted. 

Paityn Rose Farrell (The baby)

PS We've been going through the calendar and mapping out the concert dates.  Hope to make it to more of them in the next year. 
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