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Uncle Pen in PA

Can the Pirates put all four of their new guys out in left field at the same time???


LOL, I sure hope that pitcher can reach home from center field

Oh goodie, the Pirates are rebuilding again.....this is only the 12 time in the past 16 years that they thought that would be a good idea But, the pitching was so horrible this year and there is NO depth at all in the minor leagues thanks to the previous GM trading all of the good youngsters away....so here we are again. We can only hope that the new GM can actually spot talent and that these guys will help us soon. The sad part is that the Pirates had the best outfield in baseball and they just traded 2/3 of it.

scott and karen
ummmm maybe willie stargel and dave parker can still play and kent tecalvie can still pitch,,,,i know i spelled that wrong but you get the picture...lol.....
my jays are just as bad.... long as boston lose all is good.
scott and karen

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