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Carolyn's Cut & Curl

Hey Mike G.  Did your camera get ruined on the boat ride across the bay?  Mine is shot.  Thanks for the great hospitality.

Mike Garlock
Hi Carolyn,

    Yep!  I hate to admit this, but my Camera was pretty beat.  When we got to Sally Mountain I decided at Walmart that I needed a New one, so I bought one.  I have great Pictures from Sally Mountain.  I took my New Kodak on the Boat Ride.  Dear Herby had to sit in the Front.  Sodus Bay had to come over the Bow and my New Camera is Shot!  I now have two of them.  I'm thinking about boxing them up and sending them in.  Maybe we can get a deal on Two New ones?  Mike G.
Mike G....be sure to check your battery and SD card.

Mom's photos were in tact and the card still works, so does the battery.

The camera is done tho.  So you might salvage part of it.

Too bad Christmas isn't right around the corner.
In the midst of the 10 types of PIGS she traditionally gets from me,          she might have found a pig camera too.

In FACT, if anyone FINDS a pig camera anywhere....get it for me, and I'll pay ya back someday.  That would be the ideal Christmas gift for her this year!!

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