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Charles Flanary
Good morning sweet Rhonda & Herb,Sally & Tensel,Johnny & Carolyn,Kenny & Kaye,Mickey & Crystal,Darrell & Amanda,Hunter,Yogi & Barbara,Julia & Richard and all my Rager friends.I hope this week goes well for you.Happy travels RV&R.
  Charles{Head of Rageland Security}

Good Morning Mr. Charles

Good Morning Charles.
Good Morning Everyone! I hope all have a beautiful day.
Robert Hall
Good morning everyone!--

RHNDA!,Louise,Susan,Tom,William,Charles,and all the rest of the "Ragers"...hope it's better weather where YOU all are!--

Here,the sky has turned dark again,and the rumble of thunder is not far away, and it's once again now down pouring rain --the 5000th thunderstorm we've had this "summer"..most of New England is under water,many roads and homes have been flooded..not to mention damage from tornadoes and hail,and high winds from severe thunderstorms,that seem to hit here almost daily this year..

We've had almost a FOOT of rain in the past 3 weeks around here,and I'm sick of it!..it's depressing enough around here when it's NICE out,never mind raining 16 days of each of the two past months!..feels like we never HAD a summer here..

Well,I'd better get off the computer,another lightning strike just hit VERY close by,so I'd better shut down the computer...SIGH...looks like another LONG day!..I have to bring my mother to her doctor at 1 pm--that should be fun in the pouring rain..

Hope Rhonda and everyone else has better weather than we do today..I'm supposed to stain a deck to make some $$$$$$$,but it looks like it wont be getting done until wednesday,the ONLY day it MAY be sunny and have no rain this week up here--AGAIN!..

Tom Alman
GOOD morning Charles and Co! Is this like Charles is in charge LOL???

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