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Gary L Kennedy

It was just four years ago yesterday and today that many of us had the privilege of enjoying two incredible nights of live performances by the amazing RHONDA VINCENT and the RAGE at the Sheldon Concert Hall in beautiful downtown St. Louis.  Watching the live taping of Ragin' Live will always be one of the most memorable and enjoyable experiences of my entire Ragin' career.  Oh, what a time we had! 

Happy Anniversary to RHONDA, the Rage, and all the residents of Rageland!

That was a fun time!

Hi Gary ! I am so much looking forward to the day Rhonda and the Rage record another live DVD. I watch ''Ragin Live'' at least once a week.
I know being there is an event you will never forget. Hope you get to be at the next one.
Have a nice Monday.
Charlie K

I was there too and it was truly unforgettable. In addition to the great experience of being there for the DVD taping, I met Julia, Susan and Ol Dawg for the first time. I also met Jere and Sandy Cherryholmes and had a long converstion with Sandy about their family life on the road. The whole experience was tremendous and brings back many good memories. Thanks for reminding me, Gary.

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