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Good Morning!

Prayers are continually being said for the Berry family.  It's always hard when a family member is sick.

Today, we are driving to my grandfather's fishing camp on the Gulf of Mexico.  Herb, you would LOVE it there.  I'm hoping my dad will drop me off to one of the little dams on Marsh island.  That's where I go catch shrimp, fish, and fight off the alligators for whatever else I can catch. (And NO, Rhonda I won't get in the water   That boy you told me about got his arm bit off by an 11 foot gator just outside of New Orleans.  The gator even had a name and was known by the people in the area. Now, THAT is bad! haha)

Bluegrass Highway airs tonight at 7:30 p.m. central time and again Monday at Noon.

Listen online at http://www.krvs.org

Uh oh, Mom's yelling for us to get going. Gotta run! Y'all have a great day!! 


Good Afternoon!

Bluegrass Highway will air in less than an hour!

Here's a few pictures from our fun fishing trip:

This is what I had to fight off to catch shrimp haha   I named him Joe

Y'all have a great day!

Courtney, I don't know what you were fishing for, but Joe is the WRONG species. I'd cut the line, and let him go. Too many teeth. Skin looks too tough to filet also. Probably would dull the knife.
Hope you weren't planning on taking a little dip with Joe. Doesn't look like good swimming water to me.
What kind of fishing pole was that? Looked like a net to me. Thats illegal in Mo. I thought I taught you better than that.

Don't think I would "hand fish" there. Looks too shallow anyway.

Have fun.
Scott in Buffalo
Holy Cow!!!!!   A woman who fights off gators!!!!    She must have read your book Herby.  Any woman who will  fight off the gators to catch dinner for her man is really a keeper!

Scott in "Gatorless" Buffalo
Charlie K

I wouldn't be turnin' my back on that thing if I was you, Courtney. Looks like a nasty heel biter.


What's more scary, a gator in you fishing net or a Don Adams in your tent??

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