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Just wanted to say that I've got three kids (ages 6,8,10) that are quite excited to see Rhonda Vincent and the Rage in Caldwell, ID tonight.  I'm bringing my inlaws and some neighbors as well.  Our kids all play the fiddle, so they're also looking forward to seeing Hunter Berry.   My oldest boy is taking a liking to the banjo recently, so Kenny Ingram will be his hero tonight.

Thanks in advance for what I know will be great show.

Hi Daryl!  We look forward to seeing you tonight!

We're getting closer.  Stopping in Boise for a Bus Wash.

See you soon....
Oh.  And of course my 6 year old daughter, Kierra, thinks Rhonda is tops.  She's watched the Ragin' Live DVD several times.  So I'm hoping the concert helps give my daughter more inspiration.
Hello from Caldwell, ID. 

Great to see our cruisin, banjo makin' friends Mr. & Mrs. Will Williams.

Will constructed the Kenny Ingram model of the Williams banjo.

And also constructed the incredible banjo I gave my Dad for Christmas last year. 


Will and his band will be kicking off the show tonight.

He will also be sailing with us on the 2009 Bluegrass Cruise.  http://www.bluegrasscruise.com 

Hope you can make it tonight!!!  See you then....
The concert was very good.  The whole crew did a great job.  You should have seen my little girl's eyes when Rhonda walked out.  "Her dress sure sparkles!"  It's so nice to see a group that plays tight while also engaging the audience.  The banter and singer impersonation during "You Don't Love God If You Don't Love Your Neighbor" was excellent.  Our kids loved Hunter Berry's "Wow Baby" inside his sport coat (Hunter busted us all up several times).  The Entertainer of the Year nomination is quite valid.

Mickie sang great.  Rock solid acoustic bass.  Darrell as well.  Nice guitar & mandolin pickin' by Darrell.  As it is said, "I may not be a great picker but I can sure recognize one". 

My favorite songs Rhonda sang are "I've Forgotten You" and "Missouri Moon".  So nice.  She also makes that Weber sound sweet and bark as necessary.  (On a side note, my sister recently started working for Weber up in Montana and loves it.  She knows I want a Weber Fern badly, so she sent me a broken headstock off one for my birthday.  Brings a tear to my eye in so many ways.)

Kenny.  What a gifted banjo player.  His eyebrows raise when he thinks there might have made a mistake.  That's the only indication us mere mortals receive from him for an alleged mistake.  And while he appears the straight man, he can appreciate a good joke.  i.e.  Mickie's buffalo joke.

 The only thing that could have better was the auditorium. The Jewitt auditorium in Caldwell just isn't a great venue.  It's very "live" with hard surface walls and hardwood stage floor. The speaker system provided for the Rage was lacking a little coverage for the front audience.  I think it was probably hard to turn up the volume without getting rumbling and muddy.  But it got better throughout as the soundman tweaked it.

All in all, I can only say that when Rhonda & the Rage come back within 200 miles of Boise, we're there.  (I'll post some pictures later tonight)

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