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Have a Fantastic Day, Beautiful Rhonda !!! I Love You!
Louise...May You Have a Blessed Day!!        --William

Hi William...have a nice evening.

Hello from New Hampshire!!!

Several more hours before we cross into the Canadian border.

We just stopped at the Olive Garden. Everyone slept in today.
A nice long road trip helps everyone to catch up on their rest.

Hunter and I watched Law & Order: SVU.

Now it's time to snuggle in for the night and hope there are more episodes to watch.

Have a great weekend!!!
Robert Hall
Hello RHNDA!!... hope your having a good trip!..

Too bad you could't swing a bit further south, and stop in for coffee!..or squeeze in a show closer to my town!..

I probably wont get to Maine this year,things are not going well here for me at all..

I do hope to get to see you before next spring,maybe in NH later this fall,God willing..I really need a Rhonda concert to cheer me up!..

Hope you and the band have a safe trip and many packed concerts next week!..God Bless!..

Good Evening Rhonda from Texas!!  Safe Travels!
Louise...Good Nite and Sweet Dreams!!
Hello from Maine!!!

I'm watching Law & Order: CI.....Darrell just beat Hunter in a poker game....
Mickey has the guitar out singin' to us....Kenny is eating the home grown tomatoes Yogi brought this week....and Yogi is at the wheel.

I thought I might write a song about traveling instead of performing on a Friday night....but I don't have the proper concept of what day it is.....so it doesn't seem so weird.

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