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Chris JO

Julia, Rhonda, or anybody that knows...what time does the RV and The Rage play and how long? Is it an actual show or just an appearance?  Believe it or not...I do NOT do NASCAR.  I know...I must be missing some gene somewhere or something.   Anyways, I'll be there tomorrow night with my friend Jenn, but it will be strictly for the musical entertainment!

The Ol' Dawg


Believe it or not...I do NOT do NASCAR.




I don't even know who you are anymore !!!  

Mike Garlock
Hey Chris Jo,

    Upper Management needs to tell you who's paying the bill and then I would guess you need to find someone close to that company to get you in.  That is just from past experiance's, I might be wrong.  If it's an Auto Parts Company I might be able to help.  Mike G.

Hey Chris, from what I understand.  Rhonda goes on from 6:00 to 7:00 then signs and poses from 7:00 - 8:00.. hope to see you there.

Open to the Public
Knoxville Expo Center
Event time -- 3 - 8 p.m.
Performance time -- 6 p.m.
Merchandise/autographs - 7pm
Tickets: $4 when purchased in advance at Food City; $5 at the door the day of the event
Proceeds benefit the Helen Ross McNabb Center.

Hey Julia, I tried to call you earlier this evening.  I had a nice conversation with some man, he was very nice.  I'm gonna be needing your new phone number.  Oh, and while I'm thinking about it, does Rhonda have any new t-shirts with her?

Sorry about that You can reach me on the Rhonda Vincent office number 615-390-5423.

She does have shirts with her, I know we were out of some sizes last week and since then they have been out west so I'm not sure what the inventory is like now.

Thanks girlie!!  I really neeeeeed a new t-shirt, I hope they have some left.

chris JO

thanks!  See you y'all there!

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